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Rachel's Cafe!

This is a NEW website, I'm still updating, adding more pictures, and doing a lot to make this site at BETTER RLC website, so bare with me...MORE on RLC to come soon! Thanks for your patience!

Rachel Leigh Cook is that chic' new face you've been seeing in the movies over the past few now you're probably wondering "Hey..who is that girl?" Well, Rachel's Cafe is here to letcha know the lowdown on this Cook gal..So skim over Rachel's Menu!

Rachel recently starred in a drug free commerical for the Partnership of a Drug Free America public service announcement. If you'd like to download the clip here's a link to it. Just click her pic. (2.2MB of space)


  • I've found an interview with RLC in one of my old magazines..if you'd like to read Tom & Huck Interview. Rachel talks about working with Jonathon Taylor Thomas and Brad Renfro. It's a cool interview. Also, you may have read the interview Rachel's had with Vivian Rose, but if not, go check it out! It's got a wet background to it, so ENJOY & READ UP!

  • Rachel will be a guest star on my fave show Dawson's Creek (episode #213)..Stay TUNED!

  • Cook appears on the cover of Moxie Girl Magazine! She is also in the Cosmopolitan Magazine on page 98, so go buy one!

  • Rachel has a small part in the film Living Out Loud which comes out this Nov. 6,1998, she dances and acts as "Young Judith" in the film..go see!

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