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Rachel Leigh Cook

Rachel as Mary Anne in The Babysitter's Club (1995)

Cook's   Life   Story

I guess the best place to start, is with the day Rachel was born. October 4, 1979 marks the day. Today, she's a young 19 year old living in Los Angeles. She's actually from Minneapolis in Minnesota. She did a lot of modeling for different ads before she started acting. Rachel's still young and quite a good actress...I KNOW we'll be seeing her name on a star on the Hollywood Boulevard some day soon...Still want to know more?Read below!
(The following info. was gathered fromRachel's Endorsed Fansite)

Rachel went to the Laurel Springs School shown above

Siblings: Younger brother Ben

Hobbies: Painting(My hobbie too), reading, and even doing some short story writing.

Ads she's appeared in: Target ads,on Milk-Bone Brand Flavored Snacks, and even a 3M ad or two.

One of her Fave Flicks: The Breakfast Club (Recommended..Excellent)

Music: U2, Soul Coughing, and The Propellorheads.

Book she's into: The Great Santini by Pat Conroy.

Dislikes: Math & Poodles (Who does?)

Likes: Garage Sales ( I read that in a magazine somewhere)

Food: Vegetarian (Like her cute co-star JTT from Tom & Huck)

Pets: Two cats and a dog(Dog's name is Stella, the cat's names are Beau & Skippy)

Her Agency: United Talent Agency and Westgate Management

Contact Info: Rachael Leigh Cook

c/o Westgate Management

14645 La Maida Street

Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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